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Herstories and How-To’s: The DIY version

Hello friends.

Writing the Herstories and How-To’s column for over a year now, I’ve learned a lot about the bad-ass women who came before us. If there’s one constant thread, though, it’s that every woman, no matter how bad-ass or impressive a life they lead, is human. This means that from time to time, even with the best intentions, they mess up.

All of which is to say, I did not get my act together this month to share with you a fully fleshed out biographical sketch and accompanying tutorial, and for that I’m sorry. I promise that in May I’ll be back to our regularly scheduled posting (I’ve even got a few things already in the works).

In the meantime, however, here are a few herstorical tidbits from the internet to peruse and enjoy (and if you see someone you want profiled in a future Herstories and How-To’s, let me know!)

And finally, in the spirit of admitting that we are all human (no matter what our gender-identity), here’s a short video about how to apologize from youtuber/my new best friend Franchesca Ramsey: