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Meet the Queen of Glitter(acy): Chelsea Dipman

There are so very many incredibly talented female Columbus based artists that I am never at a loss for interview for CAW’s blog.  This young lady is one of them!

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 Glitteracy and Chelsea Dipman and I were introduced to one another last spring at the first professional Not Your Mama’s 614 Craft Exchange held by Chelsea Hill and Carrie Schaefer. Not only did we all have a lot of fun but we got some pretty amazing items made by some pretty cool ladies, including Chelsea D….I loved her Ohio themed goodies and her great sense of humor so I asked her if she would be interested in an interview, of course! Then we ran into each other a bunch of places and finally, after several unsuccessful tries, met at Pies and Pints and got down to it!

CBUS Buckeyes

Chelsea started her business, Glitteracy, in late November of 2014 but she has been a creative soul for a lot longer. As she puts it:

Ever since I was little I would save things destined for the trash to make into art. My mom sensed I loved art so much she put me in lessons at CCAD Saturday morning. I knew I wanted to keep being creative and being scared about going out into the world as an artist, I decided that I would also follow my passion for teaching.

Glitteracy logo glitter mint

Originally from Gahanna on the east side of Columbus, Chelsea stayed in the area for studies at Ohio Wesleyan University where she received a B.F.A. with a concentration in painting and a minor in education. She was lucky and talented enough to graduate with a teaching job lined up to teach elementary art in Marion, Ohio 3 years ago. Although it is a trek to get to work every day from Columbus, she absolutely loves her job and loves the interaction with all of the children in her school. She filled me in on all of the new requirements for new teachers and I must say that I am sure glad that I started my career when all of this wasn’t happening! It amazes me how much is expected from newbies due to the new state regs…a topic for another day…ugh! That being said, she says that her students truly inspire her creativity.

Charcoal Grey Bella Slouchy Tank

Other small business successes she observes also inspire her entrepreneurial bent. She comes by this entrepreneurship quite honestly from her mom who set a great example by going back to school while Chelsea was a kid and then started her own Physical Therapy business. Having done over 20 shows since starting her business in 2014, she has also made connections with lots of other artisans and learned a thing or two about selling in local stores, doing shows and how to get your name out there. Definitely, this lady is not afraid to try just about anything at least once as evidenced in the number of shows she has already participated in! Of course discussing all of these shows led to a long talk about the pros and cons of doing shows, especially outdoors. After the ins and outs of Central Ohio weather this year, she is definitely ready to start the indoor circuit. However, none of the negatives have been a deterrent for this tenacious young lady!




She says her art is constantly evolving and changing, but Glitteracy has always focused on a love for home and Ohio because she wanted to create something that everyone could appreciate and was simple yet narrative. Getting to the point in her young career where people want to give the things she makes as gifts and/or put them in their homes, has really been exciting: It’s a really gratifying feeling having your work sent out into Ohio and across America. Her creative process goes this way…glitter, watercolor, gold, mint, hand lettering rinse & repeat.

Logo created for local business, Sol Heritage, owned by Heather Lewis and Sherry Waldman
Logo created for local business, Sol Heritage, owned by Heather Lewis and Sherry Waldman

She says:

I am constantly learning new things from others and from teaching myself. I have recently taken my lately paper based work and have bridged into the digital realm. It’s really magical when you can manipulate and improve something you made by hand.


In the short period of time that she has had her business, she has managed to get her art into many local venues including Simply Vague-Polaris Fashion Place & Tuttle Mall, Celebrate Local, Wholly Craft, Pure Roots and Button-Up..think she’s found her niche! Plus she’s selling her wares at many local shows: Grandview Hop in August and then in September the Downtown Dublin Bazaar, Made Local Marketplace & Moonlight Market, Independent’s Day and Worthington Market Day! Busy lady!!! And as if that isn’t enough, she’s also received recognition from Ohio Creative Collective and Celebrate Local via articles about her business!

Wherever I may roam
But Glitteracy is not all there is to this multi-faceted teacher. She also does commissioned water colors and loves figurative painting and has shown this genre at RAW: Columbus and the City Arts Center in Delaware (check some of that work at: https://chelseapaints.wordpress.com/). She would love to eventually be able to have a dedicated studio (not really feasible now on a teacher’s salary!) and do more of this type of work. And, somewhere down the road, she hopes to be able to make art her full-time gig. Something tells me that if she wants it, eventually she’s gonna make it happen cause she is definitely a go-getter!



And the holiday season will be a busy one for this creative lady as she will be selling her wares at the following shows:

Craftin Outlaws- November 14th, Columbus Handmade- November 22, Not Your Mamas Craft Show- November 28, Avant Garde- December 5 and Made Local Marketplace December 12….whew!!! No excuse to not get your Ohio themed goodies for holiday gifts this year!!!
A little more about this creative lady? Her hair is currently lavender to blonde, she loves craft beer, she loves cheese and fruit combos on her pizza and she’s looking for Mr. RIGHT…’HaHa… just kidding that was to make you laugh!!!!’


Contact for readers:

Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/glitteracy
Instagram: @glitteracyart
Email: ckdipman@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/glitteracy