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CAW on Broad and High

The Emmy Award winning series Broad & High showcases the art and culture of Columbus, Ohio.  Over the past few years CAW and many members have been featured on the show.   In case you missed any of the segments or wanted to watch again, we’ve made a list to view and enjoy!

CAW Exchanges mentor program and exhibit at Ft. Hayes in March 2014 http://youtu.be/MAofkcimluE

Amy Leibrand http://video.wosu.org/video/2365161411/

April Sunami https://youtu.be/bqO7lNLktsA

Mary Ann Crago http://youtu.be/mSJ5VYVZrKY

Open Heart Creatures, Heidi Kambitsch http://youtu.be/mJRRbiIwt0M

Stephanie Rond http://youtu.be/Ii2nzxfK2bM