Membership Requirements

We encourage our members to be as active and engaged as possible, and in return, CAW commits to supporting members’ endeavors and growth as artists. To maintain “active membership” status, CAW requests that members commit to the following each year:

  • Attend 4 out of 6 bimonthly meetings.
  • Volunteer for 2 CAW events or activities (e.g., art drop-off; reception clean-up).
  • Attend or teach one CAW seminar/workshop.
  • Submit your events for inclusion on the CAW Calendar.
  • Add “” to your email contacts to ensure delivery of communications. It is the responsibility of the member to assure receipt of and read CAW emails.
  • Support fellow members by attending at least 4 member events (e.g., exhibit openings; artist talks).
  • Adhere to exhibition eligibility requirements (have met or have made a demonstrated effort to meet membership requirements; new members must have attended at least 2 meetings to be considered).
  • Pay yearly dues of $25.

In an effort to be fair with regards to a member’s level of effort, participation in CAW’s large exhibits is limited to those members who maintain “active membership” status. 

Information about CAW meetings, workshops and member events can be found on the CAW Calendar

CAW has three member enrollment periods per year: February, June and October. All new members, including lapsed members who wish to rejoin, must attend a CAW Information Session during one of the three enrollment periods.