Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Call of Nature

mixed media

9’ x 4’ x 3’




Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch is an artist who creates and performs in Open Heart Creatures: body puppets and paintings. She is a mother of 3 boys living in a little yellow house next a park in Clintonville of Columbus Ohio. She completed her studies at The Columbus College of Art & Design in 1999 with focus on Fine Arts & Art Therapy. Her art mission is to create recycled, handmade, and interactive tools to spread messages of love and kindness. She brings this “Mission in Motion” to life through her specialized body puppets and paintings for schools, libraries, museums and the community.




Call of Nature is an interactive installation piece with a mission in motion to believe and reinvent a new story of communication through our hands. It encourages us to put down the computer in our hands and replace the fast pace blue screen with the slow pace blue sky. It questions the tools that we put in our hands in contrast with the fact that our hands can be our ultimate commutation device.

This installation is meant to be touched, played with, and worn to have a tactile experience linking us back to human contact. Call of Nature represents the remnants of communication through our hands. The large puppet is constructed with organic roots such as human hair and natural elements found in the woods. The fallen hair gathered from salon floors acts as a community weave, threading us together with years of stories we hold in our hair. The phone booth highlights the extreme contrast between nature and machine, showing the evolution of this “Divine Device” we call the telephone. The phone booth displays the tangles that can divide us instead of connect us, if used in an unbalanced way.

Call of Nature reminds us that we already hold the greatest tool of communication inside us – our heart. Through our hands we communicate touch. We communicate through making art. We communicate through sign language. We communicate by making food. We communicate by making love. We use our hands to grasp and feel life.

“Look no further! It’s in our hands. Aren’t we scaring ourselves unnecessarily?” (Björk)
Be cautious not to become a reporter of your own life, disengaging with a device meant to connect us. Remember when we were only available to answer to others by a yellow telephone hung on our kitchen wall. Bring back the good old days of conversation. Take action in reinventing the lines of communication in our hands. Make a call to nature. Use our hands to grow seeds from the earth. Use our hands to make change. Take action with our hands. Put down the phone and pick up the receiver to answer and give a phone call to our heart. Ring! Ring! Ring! Meet me in the woods for a conversation.