Mary Ann Crago

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Ruby Mae and Zipper

3d mixed media

16″ X 11″



3d mixed media

6.75″ x 6.75″


The Girls

3d mixed media

12″ x 6.75″



3d mixed media

12.5″ x 6.5″



3d mixed media

9″ x 6″




Mary Ann Crago is a 3D mixed media artist. She lives and works in Columbus, has a fine arts degree from the Columbus College of Art and Design and a Masters of Library Science from Kent State University. When she is not making art, she is a Youth Services Manager for the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Active in the Columbus art community, she has shown in both gallery and festival settings. She is inspired by good art, good music, friends and old stuff. Her art has evolved over the years from 2D landscape inspired paintings and drawings to 3D mixed media assemblage. Recent work is a combination of found objects, paint, text and hand sculpted pieces. She enjoys the hunt and can’t think of anything better than giving an old forgotten object or photo new life through one of her pieces. She’s an avid collector of things and is especially drawn to old boxes (wood & metal), old photos and anything small and round.

Mary Ann works out of her garage studio that she shares with her canine companions Wyatt and Maple.




I work in a way that makes writing statements like this one challenging as it forces me to go back and interpret my ideas and intentions. My creative process is very much driven by aesthetics and feeling and being in the moment and very little by thoughts like, “I’m setting out to accomplish this thing with this piece.” So, pulling together this interpretation is a bit like pulling together remnants of fleeting ideas, inspiration and just a touch of magic into a few cohesive, coherent thoughts in the field guide to Mary Ann Crago art.
First off, “Remnants” inspired me because that’s what I do. I make art out of discarded bits and pieces. Then add a recent infatuation with old photos absent of stories and something started to grow.
My piece circles around the theory of six degrees of separation. How we are all separated by six or less steps of association. We’re all just a few friend of a friend stories away from connection. This larger work is made up of five smaller pieces. Photos of characters in a story we don’t know, bits and pieces (remnants) connected by the thinnest thread of connection.

I invite you, the viewer, the watcher, the participant in this story to not only help fill in the blanks to the individual character’s stories but to connect the bigger pieces as well. Grab the pencil and write.