Mabi Ponce de Leon

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Lady of the Beasts

oil and mixed media on canvas

48″ x 126″




Argentine-born Mabi Ponce de León has also lived in Mexico. Culture, maps, and origins figure prominently in her work, which begins with research on identity, geography, and histories. In her installation work, Ponce de León recycles, appropriates, and manipulates natural and manufactured materials. Her two-dimensional work reveals juxtaposed maps, charts, and superimposed larger diagrams and related motifs. Layered juxtapositions of concrete, symbolic, and abstract elements develop into complex, intuitive scenes.

Ponce de León has shown in university and commercial galleries, museums, and non-profit spaces. Additionally, she has curated shows and has volunteered with arts organizations, including serving on the Ohio Art League board for years. Art Access Gallery of Columbus represents her work and she is also a member of Woman Made Gallery in Chicago.

She has received a BFA and an MFA and is currently working on a PhD in the History of Art at Ohio State University.




Feeling both foreign and at-home and in the world, I explore what it feels like to “be” from two places and belong to neither. Intellectually, one can understand moving long distances across the globe. The resulting disorientation is inexplicable and daunting. Through the layered juxtapositions of found and new images, I analyze symbols and meanings – interpretation and misinterpretation.