Lisa McLymont

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Chosen Family: Mind. Body. Spirit.

mixed media


1 Ludwin 8wx6hx5d

2 Jean 4x7x7d

3 Tanya 8x6x4

4 Cat 12×12

5 Doug 10″sq

6 Queen

7 Bebe 6x4x3

8 Lori + Jay 11x3x2

9 Joe + Paul 6x8x3

10 Lou 6x12x2

11 Sarah 4x4x2

12 Tracy + Sherri 7x9x4

13 Tacocat! 14x5x7

14 Stephanie 10x5x4

15 Mary Ann 4x8x3

16 CoCo 6x5x4

17 Cyrus 6x5x2

18 Sharon 4x8x2

19 Aiko 6x3x3

20 Allison 6x6x2

21 Charlotte 5x6x2

22 Heidi 2x2x2

23 April 6x6x2

24 Amy 6x6x2

25 Chad 3x5x2

26 Walter 6x6x3

27 Alicia Jean 4x4x2

28 Cathy 7x4x2

29 Eve 6x6x2

30 Floris 12x12x2




Lisa McLymont is a visual artist, designer and self-identified creative nomad. She was born in Manhattan, NY, to first generation Jamaican American parents, and has lived and worked as an independent designer and artist in Columbus Ohio for most of her life. She became interested in art at an early age, influenced by her father’s love of music, her mother’s love of expression, and their shared love of beauty.

Lisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design and Visual Communications from The Ohio State University. A self taught artist who has studied and honed her craft through project developments with other local and independent creatives, Lisa believes that her investment of focus has made her a well rounded and flexible creative, eager to explore visual challenges and design simple and effective solutions that can be worn, printed, or displayed.

Lisa has exhibited in many local spaces, most recently in the Cultural Arts Center, The Vanderelli Room, and Tacocat Cooperative. Lisa is rewarded through volunteering her time with other local art heroes as guiding forces behind artist groups such as the Creative Arts of Women, Creative Women of Color and The Art and Artists Of. Find more info at



These 30 abstract portraits are titled as a group: “Chosen Family: Mind. Body. Spirit.” They represent the humans who influence, educate, nurture and love me. Each of these works relate directly to a specific person, couple, or group. They are organized by a loose internal timeline, and their influence on my personal development. Theses folks are a few reasons why I get up, and why I create. The colors, shapes and tones within each composition sing the story of each being, through the lens of “Chosen Family”.

I challenged myself to use materials already on hand, with a natural color palette of wood tones enhanced by an array of energetic color tones. I’ve mixed those base materials representing my life, with an unrelated series of one-of-a-kind found objects that visually illustrate my connection with this name/person.

I am inspired by the constant flow of ideas and images I receive from observations in the world around me. My art is mainly expressed through portrait paintings and sculpted soft metals, though I like to leave my curious nature open for explorations of many avenues of expression. Recurring subjects that appear in my art include human rights, love, peace and the importance of perseverance. It is my purpose to explore, learn, share, and connect concepts, cultures and people, and I am ever in search of ways to visually translate my feelings and thoughts.