Joan Tallan

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Cast Off

mixed media

54” x 30”




A native of Brooklyn, New York, Joan started making art at the Art School of the Brooklyn Museum. After graduation from the College of Ceramics, SUNY at Alfred University, Joan continued to make pots and paint using her four sons and husband as subject matter. In 1997, after earning a Master of Education Degree from Wright State University, she taught Art for Dayton City Schools.
While teaching Joan found printmaking the perfect medium for making art. It enabled her to make images that could be worked on over short periods of time. In 1984 Joan was granted a sabbatical during which she earned a Masters in Art Therapy. After teaching for twenty-five years Joan moved from Dayton, Ohio to Columbus, where she took classes with printmaker Philip Von Raabe, at OSU. Joan is a member of Phoenix Rising Print Co-op and CAW.




On a cold winter’s day, January 13th, I walked into the garage with my dog Monkey. I was wearing my “Tracs” thinking that there was ice outside. What I forgot to think about is that “Tracs” are not for smooth surfaces. There was a loud noise and Monkey pulled toward it. I went flying, fracturing my right wrist and my tailbone on the hard cement garage floor. When I returned from the hospital, I was worried about my ability to draw and paint. I started by doing contour drawings of my right CASTED arm using my left hand. Remnants, cast offs, the perfect opportunity to tell my story.