Donna McCarty-Estep

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus


mixed media assemblage

48” x 18” x 4”


Remnants of Self

mixed media assemblage

12” x 5” x 3”



mixed media assemblage

16” x 8” x 2”


Not Enough Time

mixed media assemblage

10” x 12” x 4”


Farmer’s Daughter

mixed media assemblage

14” x 3” x 3”


Portrait of Love

mixed media assemblage

3” x 3”


Long Summer Days

mixed media assemblage

36” x 48”


Memoriam Memorias

mixed media assemblage

8′ x 4′ x 3″




Growing up as a child of the 1980’s, I have been influenced by the commercial aspects of day-to-day life. I soaked up all of the popular culture from cartoons, comics and music so those are naturally the things that drive my creative processes. I love lowbrow and street art as much as the art of the Masters. After going to college and giving up on my plans to be a lawyer, I easily moved into the arts and graduated with a degree in Art Education.

My education keeps me hungry to try new things and to create new and different art. I have worked on a series of portraits in the last 6 years and recently became inspired by mobile photography and mixed media/assemblage art. I love watching the reactions to my art and the nostalgia that waxes over my clients. Honestly, that might be my favorite part of creating my art. I love when others love my art as much as I do!




This installation is based upon remnants of my memories. Memories pulled from childhood photos found in a box. Memories seem to be a double-edged sword. When recalling all of these special memories of my childhood, I see them differently than I did when I was a child and differently since my mother passed away. Now I see the sacrifices of loving parents and of poor farmers to ensure that their children would live easier lives. I also feel the sadness of loss and of the loneliness felt by my mother after my father’s passing. I feel my own guilt for feeling like I should have done more, given more-been able to wrap her up in my arms and taken care of her like she did for me. I feel the fear and anxiety of my own mortality and the fear of more pain.

These are the remnants that I need to shake off to begin to make myself whole again. My healing begins here. Share in my memories and share in my healing.