Claire Smith

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Lighting Bells  

aluminum, paper-maché, vinyl, found chair legs

4′ x 3′ x 3′


Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

The Grass is Greener Inside  

paper-maché, latex, found doors, printed plastic, mannequin hands

11′ x 6′ x 5.5′


Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus


screen, tacks, plastic, light filters, latex

20″ x 24″




The playful process of art making has always been a fundamental part of everyday life for Claire Smith. Born in Columbus, Ohio on the coldest night of the year, Claire Smith’s early life was filled with imaginative drawings and long car trips across the Midwest. Smith attended college at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design where she played with alternative materials and adapted design processes. Smith’s prolific practice in college allowed her to pursue her work with intense experimentation using a variety of tactile materials. After earning a degree in Sculpture with an Industrial Design minor, she returned to Columbus. Smith is currently honing her sculptural-based practice at Tacocat Cooperative where she is continuing to play with found materials, bright colors and experimental compositions.



Statement for Grass is greener inside

It is okay to miss someone. Allow yourself to not let go. Letting people in and out of your life is part of the terrain you have to navigate in your life. The act of longing for someone that you have pushed out or been forced apart from is an important feeling to feel. Though these feelings are internal they have outward effect and they inhabit a space. Grass is Greener Inside is a moment of reflection of the friends that I have been forced to let go of and the few I have knowingly left behind.



Statement for Lighting bells

Discarded and crumpled, over-head light hoods were salvaged from the rubble of a warehouse that was demolished. The bells were found dusty from years of being trapped in the rafters of the dirty building. It was the force that was used on the bells to crinkle and crush them that drew me to them. They still sparkled in the sunlight. I carried all of them home with me.



Statement for Rah-rah

Rah-rah has a personality. It likes to thinks about what it will do today and asks, “What about tomorrow?” It wonders about laws of physics and light, and it feels things. Rah-rah wants you to feel good about yourself and to do well. Believe in yourself because Rah-rah believes in you.