Christine Guillot Ryan

Photo credit: Caroline Kraus


Photo credit: Caroline Kraus
Photo credit: Caroline Kraus

Letting Go

mixed media on modular canvases

36” x 144” (340’ x 1”)


Interconnecting All

mixed media on paper with staples

340’ x 3”




Christine Guillot Ryan’s latest Mixed Media works explore the nature of boundaries and the relationship between the intangible and the material world, inviting imagination and provoking conceptual discovery.

Christine is from Los Angeles, with degrees in art and design from UCLA and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Christine exhibits locally and nationally, is an active member of Art and Artists of 614, the Ohio Art League, and CAW (Creative Arts of Women), enjoys mentoring emerging artists, and teaches workshops at the Peggy R. McConnell Art Center of Worthington, and the Cultural Arts Center.




Perception is reality. I am fascinated by how people gather fragments of what they decide are true and important-memory, stories, cultural influences, experiences, ideas and beliefs – and shape them into personal world views.

I use mixed media to explore the subjective nature of perception, and express the tension between the material and the intangible. Taking fragments of the external world, I merge them with paint to capture visions of morphing inner realities.

When creating modular works, I reconfigure the separate surfaces as the piece develops, visually “bridging” the boundaries between different canvases to create alternating opportunities for connection. By creating a visual unity over a material separation, the reality of physical boundaries become both emphasized and diminished. Even in completion, modular collage works continue to offer choices, emphasizing that we create our own boundaries, and the realities we think we see.