MAY 26 – JULY 11, 2015

Remnants is an exhibition and joint creative force of the Creative Arts of Women (CAW) collective, an open-membership association of women artists, writers, performers, art supporters, and more. Contributing artists have been challenged to re-purpose used and discarded materials to inform or create significant visual artwork, installations, and performances that will occupy the entire space. This collective awareness and embrace of the detritus of our society is the tangible link that ties together the diverse artistic output of the group. Turning their attention to materials that have been abandoned, each artist has interpreted the conceptual implications of assigning value to objects, places, and even people.

Featuring Works by Alice Carpenter, Allison Buenger, Amy Leibrand, April Sunami, Barbara Vogel, Betsy DeFusco, Caroline Kraus, Cat Lynch, Cat Sheridan, Catherine Bell Smith, Christine Guillot Ryan, Claire Smith, Donna McCarty-Estep, Gaye Reissland, Gigi Gallaway, Gretchen Cochran, Heidi Madsen, J Clark, Janet George, Joan Tallan, Joyce Kwasnik, Judith Zaepfel, Juna Amano, Kristin Morris, Linda Leviton, Lisa Horkin, Lisa McLymont, Lisette Lichtenstein, Mabi Ponce de Leon, Mary Ann Crago, Megan Evans, Melinda Rosenberg, Melinda Sabo, Mollie Hannon, Paula Nees, Pilgrim Heidi Kambitsch, Roxanne L. Smith-Mansell, Sandra Aska, Stephanie Rond, and Vicki Oster.