Author: Mollie Hannon

Collaborative Women : The Coalition Zine

Being a part of CAW has opened me to many things, the foremost is being part of a collective & what that looks like.  This got my brain going on what this dynamic might look like for other female identified collectives or groups… enter the rabbit hole we call the internet.  Upon a recent search I stumbled upon Coalition Zine and my cotton socks were knocked clean off.

Their about page reads

“The Coalition is dedicated to telling stories and making space via literature and visual work. We want to do more than introduce diversity to the world of publishing: we want to give it heart. We only accept and publish work from female and femme identifying writers and artists of color and we pride ourselves in bringing you content that is honest and passionate.”

And by god do they deliver.  Published Quarterly (both online and print), the Coalition Zine is so many things, but the one, the one that sticks with me is its delivery of words.   Whether it’s a short story, poem or an interview of a young artist, the writers dig deep.  The entire zine feels immensely personal. Souls being bared in the same way you share thoughts on life with a close friend.  Here are two reads that grabbed me, got me thinking outside of my little self imposed bubble.

Her Selfish Happiness – Sher Xavier

The (White) Privilege of Coming Out – Ann-Derrick Gaillot

There’s so much more I could say, but nothing will compare with finding out for yourself.


CAW on Broad and High

The Emmy Award winning series Broad & High showcases the art and culture of Columbus, Ohio.  Over the past few years CAW and many members have been featured on the show.   In case you missed any of the segments or wanted to watch again, we’ve made a list to view and enjoy!

CAW Exchanges mentor program and exhibit at Ft. Hayes in March 2014

Amy Leibrand

April Sunami

Mary Ann Crago

Open Heart Creatures, Heidi Kambitsch

Stephanie Rond


Uncomfortably Numb, Performance at the “Woman As” Opening

In CAW, we are blessed with artists of many disciplines.  CAW is happy to showcase our performance artist members and include them in our exhibits.   Instead of brushes and paints, these ladies use their bodies with choreographed pieces they debut at CAW openings.  While our visual artists work can be viewed the entire time of the exhibit, our performers have one opportunity for others to view their art.  I’m excited to share, beyond the opening, these artist’s heartfelt craft.

The following performance is by Heidi Madsen at the latest CAW opening for the show titled Woman As.   Heidi explores her emotions during a difficult time and the result had many audience members moved to tears.