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Work Process and Life Lessons: Barb Vogel

CAW member Barbara Vogel talks about her work process and life lessons learned in the upcoming exhibit Relaciones Extendidas, Extended Relationships.. featuring the work of Barb Vogel, Elsie Sanchez and Leah Wong.  The opening reception is April 30th 1-3pm at the Southern Ohio Museum (825 Gallia Street Portsmouth, OH 45662) and closes June 23rd.

The   “clickless” botanicals images  in my current exhibition, Extended Relationships, are  created with a hand-held wand scanner, an instrument designed to be used on books and flat materials. My early experimental scans of uneven surfaces such as pine needles, fur, and faces resulted in endless error messages. To avoid such messages, I eventually held a sheet of glass in front of objects to provide an even surface for the scanner.

The soft focus of the wand scans gives these botanicals a sense of the historical or antique, while veils of light bathe the plants that elevates them beyond the commonplace or decorative. I fuse these images with encaustic medium, after mounting the photographs on wood panels,  to add to their other-worldly, unattainable preserved quality. These images are printed larger than life and  “full frame” or full scan.

Being an older artist I have learned at least four things in life.

  1. Other people’s ideas are always brilliant next to your own but be patiently persistent and trust the process. Elsie’s work and Leah’s work in this exhibit both are brilliant and humbling.
  2. Collaboration can be difficult but you learn so much in doing so.
  3. You can do art alone, but it is very difficult. Ellen Bazzolli, a studio mate,took the time to teach me the basics of encaustic. My studio mates and the Columbus community have provided me with feedback and insights.
  4. Keep an open mind and a shut mouth.

To learn more about Barb, visit her website and CAW Talk interview.

CAW presents INSIDE


On March 17, 2017, CAW opened their exhibition season with INSIDE, at the Cultural Art Center.  INSIDE the first part of duo exhibition, asked the artists to reflect on the multiple meanings of interior spaces through their own lens.   Beginning June 28, 2017, CAW will finish the artistic conversation started in Columbus with their first ever exhibition outside of the city. OUTSIDE will be on view at the Schnormeier Gallery in Mount Vernon, Ohio. This exhibition will consist of partner works that reveal the exterior of the theme each artist began in their work for INSIDE at the Cultural Arts Center.


Every CAW exhibition is a unique opportunity for our artists to explore new themes and push the boundaries of their chosen media. Here we highlight just a few artworks out of many incredible pieces from our 35 participating artists.

Megan Evers’s painted homage to bees titled Home is both commanding and delightful. Evers normally utilizes odd shaped canvases but she opts for hexagonal honeycomb pattern within a rectangular canvas. Kristin Morris’s Lizard in Boy Suit is a sublime combination of the grotesque, tongue in cheek humor and technical facility. Lastly, Melinda Sabo’s The Guide invites us to contemplate spiritual and even mystical concepts of one’s interior self.

Lizard in Boy Suit by Kristin Morris
Lizard in Boy Suit by Kristin Morris

The exhibit ends on April 15th. Do yourself a favor and check out these works live and in person. Then make sure you mark your calendars for the second installment of this exhibition OUTSIDE at the Schnormeier Gallery, opening reception July 7th.

For more information about INSIDE at the Cultural Arts Center, visit their website

New Art for a New Year

In 2016 CAW presented two thought provoking exhibitions. The first was Landmark at Fort Hayes Shot Tower, which challenged our member artists to visually translate the theme of the title. As usual our fierce artists charged forward with many diverse and inspired interpretations of the concept of a landmark. In addition, our annual small works show was installed at ClaySpace with the title State of Affairs. In this exhibit our curators directly asked artists to respond to the ever-changing and increasingly polarized political landscape of 2016.

If one thing is certain, this new year will kindle our creativity to interrogate injustices through art. We look forward to several new exhibits including CAW Collected and Inside/Out which will be featured in two locations. We also look forward to providing more opportunities for member artists to further their practice through the Artist Identity Series. More importantly we look forward to the chance to grow together and empower each other as a community of women artists.

Here is to a healthy, creative, active, and prosperous 2017!!


LANDMARK: Ft. Hayes Tour: Reference Files

Exhibit: February 29 – April 15, 2016
Opening Reception: Thursday, March 3, 6-8pm

Curators: Catherine Bell Smith, Stephanie Rond, Mollie Hannon
Location: Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery | 546 Jack Gibbs Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215

Landmark is primarily an exhibition about place – its history and importance. Members of CAW briefly toured Fort Hayes, experiencing the hundreds year old buildings and foundations, uncovering myths and legends, and collecting inspiration to create the many works included in the show. Excavating for inspiration may lead some to consider other aspects of the word landmark, bringing depth and breadth to this benchmark exhibition. Landmark challenges you to consider what serves as a guide or beacon in your life; what is the watershed moment after which everything changed; what stands out in your landscape or marks your boundary; where is your place.

We are looking for substantial pieces to fill the gallery. Please submit artwork that is no smaller than 30”x30”, (or, if working in a series, add-up to at least 30”x30” when they are grouped together)

We would love to have some images of in-progress and finished work for postcard and on-line promotion. Please send to, with “LANDMARK Photos” in the subject line


Tour of site: November 16, 5:30pm (arrive at the Shot Tower Gallery by 5:15)


Important Dates and info for our Members:

Process Meeting: January 7 at Tacocat 7-9p
Title Card:   
Form Due February 12

Drop-off:      February 22-23, 8am-7pm
Install:         February 24-26
Pick-up:       April 18-22, 12-7pm

historic images from the presentation CD.

If you want to know about a specific building, follow the link to the folder structure:


the end!

New Year New Blog….

We are excited to announce a new format for the CAW blog!   We’ve gathered some amazing women who will be contributing their views, ideas and knowledge regarding all aspects of the art world.  This isn’t your ordinary blog!!!

If you have suggestions or ideas you’d like to see covered on the CAW blog, send an email to cawcolumbus(at)

Allison Buenger


Allison is an eloquent writer and mixed media artist who lives in Columbus, Ohio. She shares her passion for thoughtful interviews of our members through our blog and CAW Talk newsletter.

Mary Ann Crago


Mary Ann Crago is a mixed media artist who lives in Columbus, Ohio.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1995.  When she is not creating, she is a Youth Services Manager for the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Mollie Hannon


Mollie Hannon is a photographer, mother and all around procrastinator extraordinaire. Mollie has been showing with CAW since 2010, and has exhibited locally and nationally. Mollie is excited to be back in the blogging world as she explores the multi-faceted world of the performing arts.

Cat Lynch

self portrait 2012

Cat Lynch is an artist, museum educator, gardener, tree-hugger, cat-person, library addict and drinker of all coffee and teas, currently haunting the west side of Columbus. She has shown in exhibitions throughout the Midwest and around the country, both in galleries and in nontraditional spaces. A multidisciplinary artist, her work often utilizes invented narratives and simple symbols to tell autobiographical, highly personal stories.

Peggy Mintun


Peggy Mintun is an abstract painter and graphic designer from Columbus. She has shown her work in Columbus, as well as nationally and internationally. In addition to painting and designing, she has written for Sublime Rush and Omnibucket’s OLOGY magazine. Her interests lie in mad science and artists from around the globe.

Vicki Oster


Vicki Oster is a art blogger,scrapbook queen, mixed media artist,crafter extraordinaire, speech-language pathologist, animal lover and newbie to CAW! Having interviewed several of the CAW artists (along with other local artists), she is psyched to join the CAW blog and get to know more members. Vicki promotes Ohio artisans and crafters and their events on her blog

Melinda Eliza Sabo

October Melinda with Border

Melinda Eliza Sabo is an Idea Chaser, Fiction Writer, Travel Photographer, Visionary Painter, and Creativity Coach who believes that life should be an artistic journey: truly well-seen and well-lived.

Susie Underwood


Susie is a multimedia and performance artist who has worked in the Learning Department of the Columbus Museum of Art for the last 8 years. Susie explores Living a Creative Life: How are the various pieces of our lives interconnected and how can creativity improve the quality of our lives?

CAW Awards Two Artists at Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition

Thelma, CAW Professional Award

For the second year, CAW awarded two artists – one in the professional category and one in the amateur category. Paula Nees took home the professional award for her stunning oil painting, Thelma. Alec Casto took home the amateur award for his work, Under God. By giving back, CAW strengthens our ties to other artists and the arts community.

Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!