Group Shows

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2014 Exchanges: CAW & Fort Hayes

“Exchanges” was a recent art exhibition exploring the dynamics of mentorship. Students from Fort Hayes High School worked alongside professional adult mentors for months, who helped them assemble a portfolio of their work and curate an art show recently on display at the Shot Tower Gallery on the Fort Hayes campus. The mentors, members of the Creative Arts of Women (CAW), are a group of visual and performing professional artists who say they got back in return just as much as they gave to the students.

2012 Creating Our History – Fort Hayes

At the spacious Shot Tower Gallery, the members of the Creative Arts of Women collective have room to stretch their creative legs. (And during the opening reception, CAW performance artists Coco Loupe and Heidi Madsen will have room to stretch their actual legs.) “It’s such a gigantic space, so you’re able to work bigger than usual,” explained Mabi Ponce de Leon, one of more than 25 female artists participating in the show, titled “CAW: Creating Our History.” The ambiguous title gave the artists the freedom to interpret the theme.

2011 Strands – Carnegie Gallery

Creative Arts of Women (CAW), Columbus Metropolitan Library and the Friends of the Library proudly present Strands. The show features visual and performance art about hair, fibers, DNA and other “strands.” Proceeds will be donated to the Hair Theater Fund, helping patients experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy buy wigs or hats. CAW is open to all women who consider themselves artists and provides mentoring, support and exposure. Show Dates: September 15 – October 21 Curated by Stephanie Rond