Work Process and Life Lessons: Barb Vogel

CAW member Barbara Vogel talks about her work process and life lessons learned in the upcoming exhibit Relaciones Extendidas, Extended Relationships.. featuring the work of Barb Vogel, Elsie Sanchez and Leah Wong.  The opening reception is April 30th 1-3pm at the Southern Ohio Museum (825 Gallia Street Portsmouth, OH 45662) and closes June 23rd.

The   “clickless” botanicals images  in my current exhibition, Extended Relationships, are  created with a hand-held wand scanner, an instrument designed to be used on books and flat materials. My early experimental scans of uneven surfaces such as pine needles, fur, and faces resulted in endless error messages. To avoid such messages, I eventually held a sheet of glass in front of objects to provide an even surface for the scanner.

The soft focus of the wand scans gives these botanicals a sense of the historical or antique, while veils of light bathe the plants that elevates them beyond the commonplace or decorative. I fuse these images with encaustic medium, after mounting the photographs on wood panels,  to add to their other-worldly, unattainable preserved quality. These images are printed larger than life and  “full frame” or full scan.

Being an older artist I have learned at least four things in life.

  1. Other people’s ideas are always brilliant next to your own but be patiently persistent and trust the process. Elsie’s work and Leah’s work in this exhibit both are brilliant and humbling.
  2. Collaboration can be difficult but you learn so much in doing so.
  3. You can do art alone, but it is very difficult. Ellen Bazzolli, a studio mate,took the time to teach me the basics of encaustic. My studio mates and the Columbus community have provided me with feedback and insights.
  4. Keep an open mind and a shut mouth.

To learn more about Barb, visit her website and CAW Talk interview.

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