New Year New Blog….

We are excited to announce a new format for the CAW blog!   We’ve gathered some amazing women who will be contributing their views, ideas and knowledge regarding all aspects of the art world.  This isn’t your ordinary blog!!!

If you have suggestions or ideas you’d like to see covered on the CAW blog, send an email to cawcolumbus(at)

Allison Buenger


Allison is an eloquent writer and mixed media artist who lives in Columbus, Ohio. She shares her passion for thoughtful interviews of our members through our blog and CAW Talk newsletter.

Mary Ann Crago


Mary Ann Crago is a mixed media artist who lives in Columbus, Ohio.  She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 1995.  When she is not creating, she is a Youth Services Manager for the Columbus Metropolitan Library.

Mollie Hannon


Mollie Hannon is a photographer, mother and all around procrastinator extraordinaire. Mollie has been showing with CAW since 2010, and has exhibited locally and nationally. Mollie is excited to be back in the blogging world as she explores the multi-faceted world of the performing arts.

Cat Lynch

self portrait 2012

Cat Lynch is an artist, museum educator, gardener, tree-hugger, cat-person, library addict and drinker of all coffee and teas, currently haunting the west side of Columbus. She has shown in exhibitions throughout the Midwest and around the country, both in galleries and in nontraditional spaces. A multidisciplinary artist, her work often utilizes invented narratives and simple symbols to tell autobiographical, highly personal stories.

Peggy Mintun


Peggy Mintun is an abstract painter and graphic designer from Columbus. She has shown her work in Columbus, as well as nationally and internationally. In addition to painting and designing, she has written for Sublime Rush and Omnibucket’s OLOGY magazine. Her interests lie in mad science and artists from around the globe.

Vicki Oster


Vicki Oster is a art blogger,scrapbook queen, mixed media artist,crafter extraordinaire, speech-language pathologist, animal lover and newbie to CAW! Having interviewed several of the CAW artists (along with other local artists), she is psyched to join the CAW blog and get to know more members. Vicki promotes Ohio artisans and crafters and their events on her blog

Melinda Eliza Sabo

October Melinda with Border

Melinda Eliza Sabo is an Idea Chaser, Fiction Writer, Travel Photographer, Visionary Painter, and Creativity Coach who believes that life should be an artistic journey: truly well-seen and well-lived.

Susie Underwood


Susie is a multimedia and performance artist who has worked in the Learning Department of the Columbus Museum of Art for the last 8 years. Susie explores Living a Creative Life: How are the various pieces of our lives interconnected and how can creativity improve the quality of our lives?