Dear Friends,

One of the most distinctive features of the arts in Columbus today is the visibility of female artists engaged in solo and collaborative projects that expand the borders of art, both within Columbus and beyond.  Less than a decade ago, however, Columbus was a very different place where women artists were often unseen and excluded. From this, Creative Arts of Women (CAW) was born, a sisterhood across age, culture and chosen artistic discipline, united by a common passion to create.

Today, having grown from the humble beginnings of less than twenty members in 2008 to almost ninety in 2017, the GCAC Excellence Award-nominated Creative Arts of Women, an open-membership group based in Columbus, Ohio, counts among its successes more than 25 exhibitions in venues including Fort Hayes’ Shot Tower Gallery, Carnegie Gallery, Columbus Cultural Arts Center and The Ohio State University Urban Arts Space. CAW has also contributed to community organizations such as Choices and has sponsored an annual cash award at the Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition. Perhaps most importantly, CAW has succeeded in its larger goals of mentoring its artists, supporting their careers, and helping to transform Columbus from a place where women artists were invisible, to a city where they are vital.

Because of this, it is in a spirit of both sadness and triumph that the Steering Committee of Creative Arts of Women is announcing that the organization will officially disband following the completion of 2017 programming. CAW was born out of a need to foster a supportive environment and provide networking and other professional opportunities for women artists. There is still more work to do to make sure that women creatives are offered equal opportunities, pay and recognition in the arts.  It is the CAW’s hope that our artists and creatives will continue to forge new relationships, create new projects and contribute to Columbus’ creative community beyond CAW.

With much love and gratitude,
Stephanie, Allison, Amy, April, Catherine, Donna, Heidi, Mollie
The Steers